• Image of Motivational Prehistoricorns

They're the furred and feathered buddies of the Dinocorns and they're they're here to keep you motivated, too!
These ones are leftovers from my Patreon Rewards run and they're a bit bigger than the past Dinocorns (stickers are at least 4 X 4 inches) so you have the option to buy them individually!

"Keep yeh chin up!" Terror Bird
"You matter!" Terminator Pig
"Keep fightin'" Sabretooth Cat
"Shit yeh!" Woolly Mammoth

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  • "Keep yeh chin up!" Terror Bird
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  • "You matter!" Terminator Pig
    8 in stock
  • "Keep fightin'" Sabretooth Cat
    7 in stock
  • "Shit yeh!" Woolly Mammoth
    5 in stock
  • Full set
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