• Image of Screamy Animals

Here are some strange, overly polite, yelly animals.

You can buy your favorite alone, or buy the whole screamy zoo!

There's a duck, cat, goat, turkey, rat, bear (and bee!), red panda and wolf.

Each sticker is about 4 X 2.5 inches.

Shipping & handling included within North America


  • Whole set
    8 in stock
  • a. "pardon" Duck
    10 in stock
  • b. "much obliged!"Cat
    10 in stock
  • c. "‽" Goat
    10 in stock
  • d. "no siree!" Turkey
    10 in stock
  • e. "dagnabbit!!!!" Rat
    10 in stock
  • f. "Salutations!" Bear
    10 in stock
  • g. "locomotion" Red Panda
    10 in stock
  • h. "drat." Wolf
    0 in stock